Pesticide Free Head Lice Treatment Launched


The product promises efficacy and safety through a single-use, easy application.

A new head-lice product (Nitolic Head Lice and Nits Treatment Kit, ICB Pharma), has been launched to eliminate all active development stages of head lice in a single 60-minute treatment.1


According to ICB Pharma's website, a new generation of so-called “Super Lice” is more difficult to kill with traditional methods. This is due to the developed genetic resistance against commonly active substances in current head lice products. Without the use of pesticides, the Nitolic Head Lice utilizes the mechanical blockage of the louse (lice)’s breathing apparatus to eliminate the possibility of resistance.

The product promises safety, efficacy, and the ability to kill lice, super lice, and eggs in a single-use.2

Those using the product can apply the liquid treatment according to instructions, using a suitable amount for hair length. Users can leave the product in their hair for 1 hour, and then rinse off the product and use the lice removal comb included in the kit to remove the louse.

The product is available in 23 countries. A portion of the proceeds will go to anti-bullying organizations to combat stigmatization of contracting lice.1


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