Smartwatch Offers Female Health Tracking


Fitbit has announced its ability to track health data for females, including menstrual cycles.

Fitbit has announced a new initiative for tracking female health data. Paired with an app, the Fitbit Iconic and Fitbit Versa smartwatches have the ability to track menstrual cycles for users aged 13 and older, and offer community support groups.

Fitbit users with symptoms associated with menstruation, such as headache, cramps, and acne, can record what they are experiencing in the app, along with the start date of their most recent cycles. The data is compiled, and alerts can be sent prior to the anticipated start of users' next menstrual cycle, as a reminder, and to help women prepare.

The digital health system also is designed to assist users with ovulation and fertility tracking. Community groups focused on menstruation, birth control, pregnancy, perimenopause, and other female health issues allow users to ask questions, and share advice.

For more information about Fitbit's female health initiative,

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