Walgreens Flu Index Shows New Areas of Flu Activity in Month of October


Louisiana and Nevada show the highest flu activity in the first monthly report from the Walgreens Flu Index for October, which shows increased incidence of the flu compared with last year.

The first monthly report from the Walgreens Flu Index for October shows increased flu activity in many states, including Louisiana and Nevada, compared with last year’s results.

The 2019-2020 Flu Index provides different categories for visitors to view, such as the Most Recent Flu Index and the previous year’s Index Time Lapse, to accurately depict each market area and territory of flu activity in the country.

Using retail prescription data from treating influenza in Walgreens locations nationwide, the Walgreens Flu Index helps customers and health officials stay informed about flu activity in their communities.

For the month of October, the top 10 states with Flu Activity were (in order): Louisiana, Nevada, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. When analyzing the top Designated Market Areas (DMAs) with flu activity, the southern states continue to rank in the top 5, including Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama.


Walgreens Launches 2019-2020 Flu Index to Monitor Influenza Activity


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