Author | Alana Hippensteele, Editor


Diagnosing ADHD in Children and Teens Following a Failure in First-line Medications

July 07, 2020


The diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teens can be a complex and unique challenge for providers.

Approaching the Treatment of Anxiety in a Pediatric Population

July 03, 2020


Although many children have normal fears for their age that are not a sign of anxiety, fears become anxiety when they are impairing a child's life.

Identifying and Treating Tics in Children with ADHD

July 02, 2020


At the 2020 Virtual Conference on Pediatric Health Care, Dawn Garzon Maaks, discussed important elements in the diagnosis and treatment of tics in children with ADHD.

Management of Anxiety in the Pediatric Population

June 12, 2020


Since anxiety often exists alongside other comorbidities, it can make diagnosis a difficult process.