2015-16 Flu Vaccine Updates

This year's vaccine against the flu is likely to be more effective.


that this year’s vaccine against the flu is likely to be more effective.

Associated Press is reporting

According to a recent interview with the Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “the strains in this year’s vaccine seem likely to match,” against the influenza Type A strain that sickened many Americans last year, as well as “other strains that specialists consider likely to spread.” The article states that over 170 million doses of flu vaccine are expected this year, available from traditional shots,

, a high-dose version for seniors, and a needle-free injection.

a nasal spray

Providers should keep in mind that “flu viruses are tricky, and there’s no guarantee another surprise won’t crop up.” Still, providers should advise patients to

. According to the CDC, even the healthy, whether kids or adults, can benefit from flu vaccine, not only to ward off their own illness but also to keep from spreading it to others.

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