Physician Assistant Pens Simple Guidebook for Managing Type 2 Diabetes


A new book provides guidelines to help diabetics live healthy and normal lives.

A new book titledType 2 Diabetes: The Owner’s Manual, authored by physician assistant (PA) Daryl Wein, is providing thousands of individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes with the tools needed to live a normal life, according to apress release.

The news comes just in time for November’s National Diabetes Month.

Wein, who has been a clinical laboratory scientist for more than 20 years and a PA for 17 years, began his in-depth research after being diagnosed with the disease. He eventually published the findings in his new book, sharing his secrets with both patients and physicians.

The PA said that he spends 35 to 45 minutes counseling his newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients on the importance of diet, and minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, according to the release.

Typically, a majority of physicians will spend approximately 5 minutes with a new diabetic patient, and only advise them to cut back on sugar.

“Type 2 diabetes is totally manageable, especially if you can catch it early,” Wein said, as stated in the press release. “The single most effective thing the patient needs to do is eliminate or at least minimize their carb intake. I have type 2 diabetes myself and went 9 years living a very healthy life without medicine because I followed a correct diet which did not allow for sugar or carbs.”

Wein’s main goal while working for Central CaliforniaBariatric Surgerywas to help patients reach their targeted weight through diet, rather than surgery. He had numerous successes, which included a patient who lost 149 pounds over 22 months by cutting out carbs completely.

Additionally, Wein stressed that if individuals with sugar abnormalities, who were not insulin-dependent, followed the advice in his book, it could improve their overall health and reduce health care costs in the United States.

“To my knowledge, my book is the only simple owner’s manual for type 2 diabetes,” Wein said, as reported in the press release. “It teaches readers to utilize first the most effective option available to manage their disease and then to fine-tune sugar control with medication when and if needed. The Owner’s Manual is very simple to read and understand.”

Some additional trinkets of advice in the book include cutting out sugar or starches completely; natural fruit and fruit juices are not good for diabetics; avoid alcohol completely when trying to lose weight; only trans-fats, which are mostly found in shortening and margarine, are known to be harmful; eating fat does not equal being overweight, nor has it ever been directly associated with heart disease; brown sugar is not healthier than white sugar, it’s only less pure; in artificial sweeteners, there are almost no carbs so they don’t contribute to the elevation of blood sugar; and using a finger stick test to monitor sugar 2 to 3 times a day is costly and a total waste of time, as reported in the release.

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