The Future is Convenient Care and Consumer-Driven Health Care

Contemporary ClinicFebruary 2017
Volume 3
Issue 1

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is well upon us, bringing with it a whole host of changes and new opportunities, which is how our industry thrives.

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is well upon us, bringing with it a whole host of changes and new opportunities, which is how our industry thrives. Health care is a field in constant change, with more innovation occurring within the past 50 years than in all of human history. Few industry professionals experience as fast, as dynamic and as everchanging movements and trends as those working within the retail healthcare space.

In the face of change, we remain steadfast in our commitment to high-quality, low-cost, and accessible healthcare. One of my favorite people of all times is Walt Disney, who famously said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” As the Executive Director of the Convenient Care Association, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, I am incredibly proud to have been part of the growth of this industry. We have seen convenient care clinics grow from just a handful to more than 2,300 spread across the country. We’ve seen a rise in innovative telehealth and telemedicine tools and achievement, as well as an increase in collaborative partnerships across the sub-sectors of our industry. We worked together to improve access for Americans everywhere, and we have seen time and again how our members are tapped into the health care problems that exist today, how they understand the future needs of consumers, and how they create innovative solutions to our health care crisis. Convenient care will be at the forefront of the next evolution of healthcare.

As the clinics have become a permanent fixture in the health care landscape, the scope of services offered in the clinics continues to expand to meet the demands of consumers. From only 7 ailments treated in the first retail clinic, today the clinics offer minor acute care to chronic disease management and wellness and preventive services. They are often the first connection into the health care system for many people, and our clinicians are expert diagnosticians and skilled health care providers. This issue ofContemporary Clinicfocuses on digestive health—something our clinicians see frequently. Constipation, indigestion, and heartburn are frequent complaints in the clinics and, as we know from past Convenient Healthcare Excellence Award winners, sometimes the heartburn complainxt is really something more serious requiring a higher level of care and/or outside emergency treatment. The educational content in this edition plays a vital role for clinicians to remain up-to-date with the latest research, trends, and information to support their continued efforts in providing accessible, affordable, high-quality health care.

As we continue to move through 2017, I wish you all a healthy winter season.

Thank you for all that you do!

Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD, FAAN, FCPP

Executive Director

Convenient Care Association

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